Olympic Gold Medallist – Anna Tunnicliffe

Anna Tunnicliffe – 2 x Olympian, Olympic Gold Medallist and CrossFit athlete kindly speaks to Weights4Women…….

Welcome to Weights 4 Women Anna! Please introduce yourself and give us a bit of background information on how you were introduced to weight training?

My name is Anna. I have been involved in sports my whole life, sailing being my primary sport for most of it. I ran track and cross country in high school, but then went to college to study and sail.  During college I decided right after graduation I was going to dive into Olympic Sailing and make a bid for the 2008 Olympics. I won my trials and went on to win the Gold in the Laser Radial. I then switched boats and campaigned for the 2012 Olympics. During 2011 I was introduced to CrossFit and instantly fell in love with the sport. I worked with my coach to get stronger and fitter while staying healthy for the 2012 Olympics. Immediately after the games I dived straight into training hard in CrossFit as my goal was to qualify for the 2013 CrossFit Games.

CrossFit Anna

You have competed across multiple different sports at the highest level, what do you consider your greatest achievement?

I would say my biggest achievement to date would be winning the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal. It is almost every athletes dream and to have it come true is an experience that can’t be described in words.

What does your training programme look like at the minute? Can you briefly talk us through it?

Right now, I hit up the gym at least twice a day. The first session involves strength training and or gymnastic skill training. The second and sometimes third sessions are the workouts ranging from 4-20 mins. We have just finished the CrossFit Opens which is the first qualifying series for the CrossFit Games. Our regional meet is in the middle of May so our focus has switched to that and the intensity is ramping up.

You have competed at the last 3 CrossFit Games (finishing an amazing 9th overall in 2013), what are your competition plans for the rest of 2016?

My goal is to compete at regionals and then hopefully qualify for the 2016 CF Games. After that I will do some other competitions in the “off” season for fun and to keep in check with training.

Full Snatch Anna

How did you find the transition from competing at the highest level in sailing, to competing in CrossFit?

My initial transition was easy because I was surprising myself all the time in CrossFit, so there were never expectations in the beginning and I was just having fun. The two sports are totally different both mentally and physically so I approach each as their own, but having competed at the Olympics twice definitely helps in high pressure situations.

Who inspires Anna Tunnicliffe?

My coach and fiancé Brad Tobias, and also my parents. They all give me so much support in everything that I do that I want to go out there and give everything I have for them.

If you could give the females reading this one bit of training advice, what would it be?

“Never Give Up” – it’s something I have tattooed on me because i believe in it so much. Sometimes, things get difficult or seem damn near impossible, but with persistence, you can and will achieve what it is you want to do.

Thank you for your time Anna, is there anything you would like to add?

Follow your dreams!

Sailing Anna
If any of the readers would like to find out more about you, where`s the best place for them to go?

They can follow me on IG and twitter at @atunnicliffe or Facebook at Anna Tunnicliffe.  I also have a website, www.annatunnicliffe.com

Thank you for your time, Anna! It is an absolute pleasure to have you feature on Weights 4 Women and we wish you the very best for the 2016 competition calendar