3 Simple Fat Loss mistakes YOU`RE making

1) My clients & people I speak to are so “locked in” to the idea of weight loss they totally forget about fat loss! If the scale is reading less than it was, are you sure its fat you have lost? not muscle tissue and depleted glycogen stores? poor hydration? This may seem strange but let me continue, when working with a client my aim is to try and preserve as much muscle tissue as possible while decreasing body fat %. This is something a lot of people are missing, they seem to care less that they are catabolically burning away muscle tissue as well as fat to in the attempt to lower the number on the scales. This works great if you want a flat, shapeless and damaged body but usually this isn’t the case for most people. You have to be smart and actually think what you are doing! If we can preserve muscle tissue, or slightly improve the lean muscle tissue we have, then automatically we can improve our BMR (basal metabolic rate – how much energy we use while resting) which in a simply means we CAN BURN MORE FAT AT REST!!


2) Drop the endless hours of cardio and pick up some weights (Yes this is directly at the women reading this, you will not get “Big” because hormonally you are not equipped to build large amounts of muscle, physiologically its extremely difficult). Wide varieties of complexes and gross movement patterns (My favourite – The thrusters, a front squat into a push press) will do more for your physique then slaving away on a treadmill. (To my next point, if you are overweight and on a treadmill GET OFF, many studies have proved that around 2 – 3 x a persons body weight is impacted through the knee joint in every drive phase of the gait cycle – most commonly this will cause local joint inflammation and can very quickly turn to acute inflammation and your fat loss dreams will soon suddenly start to slow down VERY quickly!

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3) HYDRATION- Generally speaking many people don’t consume enough water! Metabolically, drinking adequate amounts of water will help you lose weight! No more excuses DRINK MORE! (2-3 litres per day depending on your activity levels).