Raspberry Ketones – Great for your pet rat

The supplement industry is booming!

In an industry that is relatively unsupervised, hundreds of new products are released every year. Yet many fail to make the grade.

The industry on a whole is fueled by manipulating peoples emotions, often target at those looking to lose weight / body fat.

A popular supplement with women at the minute trying to lose some extra lbs, are raspberry ketones.

So what are they?

Raspberry ketones are natural compounds responsible for the typical smell of red raspberries. The natural quantity of ketones is extremely small, 1-5mg per kg of raspberries……

therefore, raspberry ketones are synthetically produced for the mass market.

And what do they do?

Raspberry ketone supplements claim to assist in fat loss by

• Increased lipolysis (the breakdown of fat in the body)
• Increased use of stored body fat as a primary fuel source (fat oxidation)

So the important question you want to ask, do they work?

Yes…… if you are a rat and take way above the recommended dose.

During research carried out on rats, they were given move than 100times the dose that any raspberry supplement contains.

Now to seal the deal! – There have been NO research undertaken with human participants. NONE what so ever!

So to conclude my Weights 4 Women readers – Save your money, unless you are a rat and you are willing to take over 100 times the recommended dose!