The detox trap! Have you fallen for it?

Is a detox a good idea?…..

Somewhere along the line, a lot of you reading this would have fell into the trap at some point. Being bombarded with the word detox, it`s an easy mistake to make.


We are constantly bombarded with a wide range of information from magazines, tv, friends and certain celebrities we look up to. It can be difficult to extract the good information away from the rubbish. Certain business agendas, sponsorship’s and endorsements can mean that some of the people we look up to, use them!
Well….actually they don’t use them, they are paid to tell you they use them!

I am going to try and dispel 1 of these myths below……….

1) I have to detox my body, especially my liver!

I hear this one practically every day. I can fully understand where this one comes from, however you do not need to starve yourself for a week, drink litres of special juice and buy a detox support package.

The idea of doing a detox is quite simple, to detox any toxins built up within the body, including certain organs. Due to the air we breathe, food we eat, liquids we drink it makes sense we will take in certain amount of toxic chemicals…..and we do.

However, the body has a VERY efficient system in place.

The skin, liver, kidneys and spleen are incredibly efficient at removing any foreign bodies / toxic chemicals from the body.

If these detox packages actually lived up to what they state, we would all be dead! All them toxins we `apparently` store would have killed us……

But our body is detoxing 24 hours a day…. EVERY day.

By starving your body, you are actually harming the detoxing of your body. By eliminating food and therefore amino acids, the body can work as efficiently. It needs the amino acids cysteine, glutamine, glycine to support the natural detox process.

By eating high quality food and regularly taking in adequate amounts of water we are detoxing our bodies the best way we can!